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One of the most important and powerful specimens of the Sea has arrived to Tora’s kitchen: The octopus

Italian recipes are an institution and in the world of seafood it is clearly present with one great contribution: Octopus carpaccio

The preparation can vary according to the Chef’s preference but common ingredients are bell peppers, citrus and vegetables. It is served sliced with previously boiled octopus, to achieve a tender texture.

At Tora® we enjoy breaking schemes, but not the essence. Our octopus carpaccio recipe includes ingredients from unimaginable places, like the exotic Yuzu citrus fruit from Korea or black salt and spicy peppers like guindilla. Daikon, which is a sort of radish, the soft shiso leaf from Japan and yellow aji from South America.

Octopus is a perfect first course due to its lightness, helping to open up your appetite. Besides its great quality meat has very low levels of fat, cholesterol and calories. It contains Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins A and E.

A delicious item that can be cooked in different ways: Boiled, grilled, baked or in a stew; this cephalopods can be eaten whole.

Come to Tora® and try one of tour most successful dishes in pure oriental style. Octopus carpaccio is without a doubt one of our presentation letters.

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