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It is a famous fact that Kobe beef is the best beef in the world. With that title, to pair it with a glass of good wine is no easy feat since you must consider that the wine cannot take the lead part and must be the ideal complement when it comes to such an exclusive delicacy, one with such a tender texture, juiciness and velvety flavour that we don’t want to lose!

Given the high concentration of flavours found in Kobe Beef, practically any good red wine can be paired with it thanks to the high-fat content of this meat, which any wine will help soften and complete the experience; however, there are a few recommendations for the better enjoyment of this Japanese gourmet product.

One of the grapes to consider is Tempranillo from Spain which is very popular around the world. Young wines of this grape are smooth, fruit-flavoured and with earthy tones, which can give us the necessary accents to enjoy this delicacy.

Cabernet Sauvignon, a variety of grape with a fruity, smooth balanced flavour with a touch of acidity and tannins makes good wine alternatives to pair with Kobe Beef. We can also count on one of the most famous wines in the world: Red Bordeaux, which stands out for its mild touch; likewise, California Cab wine, very popular in the United States of America, is often matched with this meat.

There is no doubt, trying the most exclusive meat in the world is quite an experience. At Tora, we have the best selection of wines to pair our Kobe beef cuts, all of them A5 quality and the highest marbling score, between 10 and 12. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it!